IPS Engineering Srl founded in 2007 as a local consulting company, is an engineering company, providing specialized advisory services to broad range of industries  such as chemical, petroleum, pulping, power generation, waste treatment, alternative fuels, and more.
The company core competence  is related to its experts  and consultant. They are high-qualified engineers that their professional abilities derive from profound theoretical knowledge and long years experience.


Retrofitting & Revamping

We innovate your process plant with new ultimate technologies  in order to be more safe, saving energy, pollute less and to be environment friendly.

Property Process

We can provide Front End Engineering Design (FEED) or supply turnkey project for all the property processes in Edible Oil Refining, Oleochemicals Production, Non Wood Pulping Technology and Dissolving Pulp.

Conceptual & Basic Design

We apply our process engineering capabilities with intensification techniques to design industrial plant, to make it produce efficiently. We providing innovative engineering services to the entire range of industrial processes.

Plant Problem Solving

We solve your complex plant problems with multidisciplinary skill engineers and we guarantees the rapidity of diagnosis and solution development.


Edible Oils & Oleochemicals
  • Pretreatment & Refining;
  • Splitting & distillation;
  • Estrificatin & trasnsestrification;
  • Fractionation
  • Glycerin recovery & Bleaching
Refinery Operation
  • Complementary process unit
  • Utilities unit
  • Tankage & Loading facilities
  • Fire Fighting Water System
  • Refinery Flare & Blowdown
  • Water & Wastewater treating
  • Site seismic adjustment