Know How & Technology Transfer
In the following fields, our know-how process intensification regards kinetics, catalysts, energy, equipment and is a change made to a process to make it work in a smaller volume for the same performance. It can be licensed on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.
IPS has know how and experienc in:
  • Kappa reduction of kraft pulp;
  • Unbleached soft wood and Unbleached hard wood;
  • Pulping of Annual plants: kenaf, Kenaf, Sorghum, Hemp and Elephant grass;
  • Pulping of Agro residues: Wheat Straw and Cotton stalks;
  • Pulping of Industrial residues: Bagasse, Cotton and Jeans rejects;
  • Pulping of Waste paper: Occ, kraft waste, office waste, beverage carton and deinked pulp
Fatty acids are widely distributed in nature as components of lipids, both of vegetable and animal origin like liquid (oil) or solid form (fat) and they have long been employed in a very wide range of industrial applications as free fatty acids.
A list of technologies developed and licensed by IPS includs:
  • Crude oils & fats pre-treatment
  • Medium & high pressure splitting
  • Fatty acids distillation
  • Topping & odour-cut columns
  • Fatty acids distillative fractionation
  • Fatty acids wet fractionation
  • Fatty acids hydrogenation
  • Fatty acids saponification
  • Transesterification / methyl esters
  • Hydrogenation
  • Flaking
  • Glycerin recovery
  • Glycerin distillation & bleaching
  • Biodiesel technology
In refining , physical and chemical processes are combined to remove undesirable components such as phosphatides, free fatty acids, pigments, odors and flavors, waxes as well as heavy metals, pesticides etc. without significantly affecting the concentration of desirable constituents such as vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and without significant loss of the major glyceride components.

A list of technologies developed and licensed by IPS includs:

  • Solvent extraction
  • Crude oil delecithinization
  • Lecithin drying
  • Chemical / Physical refining
  • Miscella refining
  • Degumming (dry/wet/special)
  • Bleaching
  • Deodorizing & Strip-deodorizing
  • Hydrogenation
  • Dewaxing / polishing dewaxing
  • Winterization
  • Fractionation
  • Chilling & plastifying
  • Shortening & margarine
  • Soapstock treatment and upgrading
  • Fat modification
  • Interestrification
  • Prilling, Spray drying & cooling
We provide process solutions for water and wastewater in industrial process plant using a range of innovative key technologies. Our process solutions provide company with a comprehensive view of the plant by showing water/wastewater process data and any gap from optimization case.
Our comptence in this field includs:
  • Filtration, Softening and De-iraning process.
  • Demineralization process
  • Ultra & Nano filtration unit
  • Reverse osmosis unit
  • Bbiological treatment and MBR Membrane technology
  • Flocculation & Flotation process
  • Chemical-physical process.
Technology Transfer

We can also provide a range of chemical formulations for those producing chemical additives. Our know-how regards the following formulations:

  • Boiler Feed Water chemicals
  • Not volatile Deox.
  • Volatile Deox.
  • Mono product -Multi effec
  • Condensante neutralizer
  • Alkaline antiscalant
  • Acid antiscalant
  • Corrosion Inibhitor
  • Anti Frost
  • Santizer
  • Pickler
  • Resin Cleaner
  • Acid Cleaner RO
  • Basic Cleaner RO
  • Antiscalant for (SW, BW)
  • Antifoams (Powder, Emulsions)
  • Biocides
Engineering services:

  • Design of co & tri power generation plants from:
  • conventional fuels;
  • renewable sources such as biomass, biogas and biofuels;
  • residual and waste materials;
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement in existing facilities;
  • Green building conceptual, basic and detail engineering;
  • Building automation design, engineering and supply.
IPS´s expertise is based on the vast experience of specialists in power generation for  more than 20 years.
Our knowledge is reflected in the core sectors of co & tri generation power plant, Energy saving for plant in the food, ceramic, textile, pulp & paper industry. Other experiences have been gained in the design of power plants from renewable sources, such as biomass, biogas and biofuels in the past decade. 
IF your company is looking energy management services as part of its overall strategy to reduce costs and improve profits, IPS can supply both management and engineering  services as following:
  • Helping to achieve energy use reduction and carbon emissions in a systematic way;
  • Creating a clear picture of current energy use status, based on which new goals and targets can be set;
  • Evaluating and prioritizing the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies and measures;
  • Providing a framework to promote energy efficiency throughout supply chain;
  • Providing guidance on how to benchmark, measure, document and report corporate energy use;
  • Making better use of energy consuming assets, thus identifying potentials to reduce maintenance costs or expand capacity;
  • Demonstrating to the stakeholders that corporate commitment to comply with their best practice to protect the environment;
  • Fulfilling the associated regulatory requirements and responding with confidence to green trade barriers in global market.